Corporate Finance

We offer consultancy in the area of corporate finance provided by a qualified team of financial analysts and specialists in this field.

  • Jakub Chłąd

    Legal Advisor
    Jakub Chłąd
    Legal Advisor
    Specializations: law of Ukraine, banking law, securities

    Languages: English, Ukrainian

    Since 2006 he worked in law firm as a lawyer (2005-2007) and later as the head of Financial Markets (2007-2010). He was a member of management board of the Idea Bank Ukraine, where he held positions of a director of legal, legal administrative and recovery departments. Since 2012 to the present day he has been the Managing Partner of the consulting company Anser Oriens in Lviv. He is engaged in extensive scholar and social activities; for many years he was a lecturer at the School of Polish Law and, in addition, currently is a scholar collaborator at the Institute Allerhand. Moreover, he participated in numerous training courses and conferences, including training "BankExec International" organized by USAID in Lviv. He is the author of numerous publications in trade press concerning legal issues.

    In DGP he is the director of the Ukrainian Department. He deals with transactions and joint projects for Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs including legal assistance in setting up an enterprise and business planning, establishment and operation of companies incorporated under Ukrainian law, a comprehensive legal audit of companies along with the provisions of international tax law, debt collection, examination and verifying the credibility of contractors, partners and investors in Ukraine.

    A graduate of Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University. He graduated from The Columbus School of Law at The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.). In 2011 he completed legal advisor apprenticeship at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Krakow.

    In his spare time he enjoys skiing, mountain climbing and horse riding.

  • Joanna Gawarecka

    Financial analyst
    Joanna Gawarecka
    Financial analyst
    Specializations: Stock market consulting (prospectus) Certified ATS advisor

    Language: English

    She has over 20 years of experience in the capital market, focusing on stock market projects (IPO , SPO, marketing authorization, Alternative Trading Systems NewConnect and Catalyst) . She participated in several projects on the regulated market and alternative trading system, as well as in privatization and analytical projects for private business owners. Since 2012 she supports companies listed on the NewConnect and Catalyst markets - she is a Certified Adviser in the Alternative Trading System of Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2009 she has been working for a consulting company Art Capital LLC. Previously, she worked as a financial analyst at the brokerage house (raising funds on the public market, analyses and valuation of companies, privatization processes) She worked in the Department of the Treasury in a major bank (dealer of government bonds, trading and investment portfolios), as well as prepared and supported emissions of government bonds in the Ministry of Finance.

    In DGP she provides consultancy in issuing shares and bonds, preparation of prospectuses, information memoranda, proposals for the acquisition and disclosure requirements of public companies.

    She has higher economic education ( graduate of the School of Economics in Warsaw).

    She is appealed by different parts of Poland; her hobbies include: hiking , phenomenon of intangible and material culture, horticulture and handicrafts.

  • Piotr Grzesiak

    Managing Partner / Corporate Finance Director
    Piotr Grzesiak
    Managing Partner / Corporate Finance Director
    Specialization: capital market consulting

    Language: English

    During years 1995-1998 he worked as a financial analyst and a head of analysis department at Biuro Maklerskie Arabski i Gawor. For several years he worked in a listed company Comarch S.A., where he held the position of Financial Analyst and Information Disclosure Specialist. In 2006-2007 he worked in consulting as Project Director, Executive Director and attorney. Since 2007 he has been the Chairman of the Management Board of DGP Art Capital, which is registered on the List of Authorised Advisers of NewConnect market.

    In DGP he is responsible for comprehensive capital market consulting, including introduction of companies to the stock exchange, issuance of shares and bonds, sale / acquisition of companies, mergers and acquisitions, economic analyses and business plans, as well as valuation of companies, investment projects, financial instruments, financial due diligence, investor relations and information disclosures of public companies.

    A graduate of Accounting at the Faculty of Management and Banking and Finance at the Faculty of Economics and International Relations of the University of Economics in Krakow.

    In his free time he likes travelling with family and engaging in various sport activities.

  • Michał Potoplak

    Managing Partner / EU Funds Director
    Michał Potoplak
    Managing Partner / EU Funds Director
    Specialisation: European Union Funds

    Languages: English, German

    To date he managed to gain nearly 3 billion zlotys from public funds for projects for, among others, Warsaw University, Warsaw University of Technology, The International Conference Centre in Katowice and a number of investment companies. He was the organizer and coordinator of international projects including cooperation with Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Ibbenbueren, Karvina, Prievidza, Velenje and Tourcoing. He is the author of many expert appraisals for, among others, Office of the Committee for European Integration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In DGP he is the managing partner. He is engaged in projects related to raising capital for innovative projects from EU funds, venture capital funds and for so-called "Programy Brukselskie" – funds provided directly by the European Commission. He organizes international conferences concerning civil society development. He is also a member of the National Expert Panel for the development of civil society.

    A graduate of International Relations at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University. A scholarship holder of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

    In free time he enjoys mountain biking, running, reading books. His passion is Italy and everything related to it.

DGP is a team of experienced professionals – specialists in the field of corporate finance. We have several years of experience in corporate finance and capital markets. We guarantee reliability and professionalism visible in the effects of our actions.

DGP takes all challenges in the field of corporate finance. We deal with emissions of public shares or mergers with other companies or their acquisition while considering the cost-effectiveness of such operation – we will conduct all the necessary analyzes efficiently and comprehensively, we will take care of legal and institutional actions while paying the highest attention to the quality of our work. For investors we prepare financial analyzes and company valuations increasing the chances of accurate investments, and for clients in the need of assistance in the area of information obligations of companies we offer a wide range of services in the field of investor relations.


In DGP we deal with the introduction of securities issued by the company on the regulated market (main trading floor and parallel market) operated by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

In accordance with the license of Authorised Adviser in the Alternative Trading System on the stock market (Newconnect), we confirm information documents of Companies in order to introduce shares to stock exchange quotations.

In accordance with the license of Authorised Adviser in the Alternative Trading System on the bond market (Catalyst), we confirm information documents of Companies in order to introduce bonds to stock exchange quotations.

We coordinate processes of introducing companies to the stock exchange and comprehensively advise on all aspects of the capital market. We offer developing of market entry strategies as well as preparation of proposals and other documentation.

DGP offers comprehensive advice on the issue or sale of shares and bonds on the market, both public and private, including:

• organization and coordination of the entire process,
• preparation and verification of corporate documents,
• organizational and ownership transformation,
• development of emission purposes and structure of transactions,
• preparation of financial analyses and financial forecasts,
• company valuation including planned investments,
• performance of due diligence in order to identify and eliminate risks,
• advice on security of bonds,
• preparation of draft resolutions of corporate bodies,
• drawing up a prospectus, information memorandum, purchase proposal, information document or any other document relating to the offering of shares or bonds,
• preparation of presentation and teaser for investors,
• consultancy in the process of attracting investors,
• approval of the information document due to the introduction of shares on the NewConnect market or the introduction of bonds on the Catalyst market and approval of a report of a private offer,
• advice on the choice of cooperating entities (brokerage house, market maker and sponsor of the issue, issue agent, collateral administrator, expert auditor)
• consultancy in the process of dematerialization of securities,
• developing applications for capital market institutions (Financial Supervision Authority, Warsaw Stock Exchange, National Depository for Securities)
• providing Authorised Adviser services in accordance with the rules of the NewConnect and Catalyst Alternative Trading Systems.

DGP provides comprehensive support for sale process, merger or acquisition of companies, from consulting in determining project objectives to attracting entities interested in the transaction and its closing.

We conduct due diligence of companies, all necessary analyzes and forecasts, prepare corporate documents, and verify financial data.

We perform valuation of the company, assess the profitability of investment and sensitivity analyzes in terms of changes in the factors determining it.

We carry out negotiations and advise in the preparation of the transaction, determine key parameters and indicators affecting the subsequent implementation.

We offer comprehensive consultancy in the field of protection against negative effects of the transaction.

DGP offers preparation of business valuations, investment projects, financial instruments and contracts on the basis of comparative, income-based and asset-based methods.

We prepare financial forecasts based on analysis of external and internal environment and presented objectives, organization opportunities and market conditions.

We set parameters determining profitability of the investment or transaction, and measure investment risk.

Business valuations are usually prepared for the following purposes:

• increase of the company capital,
• sale of the company or some of its shares,
• introduction of the company on the stock exchange,
• determining the value of the stake possessed by shareholders, for the purposes of distribution, acquisition, merger, buyout,
• evaluation of business management,
• introduction of management options program.

DGP offers conducting strategic and economic analyses, as well as creating business plans.

Most frequently we prepare analyzes and business plans related to transactions on the capital market, private transactions and acquisition of EU grants. The purpose of such an analysis is, above all, verification of investment projects in terms of their profitability, capital intensity, risks inherent in the project and possibilities for implemention in due time. Based on its results, we are able to develop a strategy for an optimal financing of an investment project and its subsequent sale. We indicate potential sources of financing, and choose from a variety of alternative solutions the most beneficial ones as regards cost-effectiveness and potential risks.

We prepare financial and economic analyses, both individual and as elements of larger studies.

DGP is engaged in advising and managing investor relations for companies intending to enter to or already listed on the WSE markets.

Investor relations are an element of entry strategy of the company on the public market. Thanks to good investor relations, you can count on obtaining beneficial financing offers of the development of the company in the case of further emissions of shares or bonds.

DGP conducts training courses on the capital market for companies considering or being in a run-up to the stock exchange. Trainings help in effective preparing for the Initial Public Offering (IPO), identify the mechanisms of the capital market and allow for the assessment of the level of preparedness of the organization to the disclosure obligations of a public company.

We provide consulting in the preparation of interim financial reports, ie. quarterly, semi-annual, individual and consolidated reports.

We advise on the design of the circulation of confidential information in the enterprise, the rules of shares trading by employees and compliance with the provisions of public market by the company, its employees and related parties.

We offer permanent advisory in constructing messages on the public market, including the standard first three years trading in a NewConnect market (Authorised Adviser license).

In DGPwe deal with developing an economic analysis of the company aimed, among other things, for determination of: method of achieving a result and cash generating by the company, its assets and financing sources, method and quality of the organization, its effectiveness, opportunities and threats stemming from adopted procedures and corporate policies, strategies development, market position, service implementing methods and planned investments.

The aim of the study is to assess the feasibility of the investment and the benefits obtained from it. In addition, the study is designed to verify existing financial statements for the presentation of the true image of the company and the evaluation of unusual and extraordinary events that could have an impact on the current situation of the company and possibly on possibilities of their occurrence in the future.

The most important task of the report is to present the identified risks occurring in the external and internal environment of the enterprise that have occurred or may occur in the future, which may have an impact on the analyzed project, future performance, financial condition and valuation by investors and responsibility of the Board to them.

Principles of financial settlements

We use different remuneration models adapted to the specifics of the case and the nature of the relationship with the client and his preferences. We put emphasis on transparency of the arrangements concerning financial matters and provide full information on the costs borne by the customer in connection with the performance of the contract. We try to make sure that the high value of our services falls within the ambit of the reasonable costs borne by the customer.

Determined in advance, the overall amount for the handling of the case or legal consultancy in a project implemented by a customer.

Benefits: the costs of consulting services known in advance, regardless of the time spent by us on the performance of order (a risk of estimating the time of the order falls to DGP). Remuneration may be paid in several installments, including partially as an advance on legal services.


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