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We offer competent consultancy in raising capital provided by a team of specialists DGP.

  • Ewelina Makowska

    Office Director
    Ewelina Makowska
    Office Director
    Specializations: office administration, EU applications

    Language: English

    During the years 2014-2016 she was responsible for compiling applications for grants and refunds from a job centre, including a training grant from the National Training Fund as well as for organization and coordination of the above trainings. She completed the training "Manager - coach and mentor", gained a certificate of completion of the summer workshops in entrepreneurship organized by Małopolskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli as a part of DiAMEnT project and a certificate of completion of the workshop " Przygotowanie młodych ludzi do pełnienia funkcji społecznych i zapoznanie się przez nich z samorządnością."

    In DGP she is responsible for administrative matters and organization of work of DGP office. She also helps in creation of application documentation.

    Currently a student of Management at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University, field of study: Finance and Controlling.

    In her free time she enjoys travelling, reading books and going to the theatre.

  • Joanna Gawarecka

    Financial analyst
    Joanna Gawarecka
    Financial analyst
    Specializations: Stock market consulting (prospectus) Certified ATS advisor

    Language: English

    She has over 20 years of experience in the capital market, focusing on stock market projects (IPO , SPO, marketing authorization, Alternative Trading Systems NewConnect and Catalyst) . She participated in several projects on the regulated market and alternative trading system, as well as in privatization and analytical projects for private business owners. Since 2012 she supports companies listed on the NewConnect and Catalyst markets - she is a Certified Adviser in the Alternative Trading System of Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2009 she has been working for a consulting company Art Capital LLC. Previously, she worked as a financial analyst at the brokerage house (raising funds on the public market, analyses and valuation of companies, privatization processes) She worked in the Department of the Treasury in a major bank (dealer of government bonds, trading and investment portfolios), as well as prepared and supported emissions of government bonds in the Ministry of Finance.

    In DGP she provides consultancy in issuing shares and bonds, preparation of prospectuses, information memoranda, proposals for the acquisition and disclosure requirements of public companies.

    She has higher economic education ( graduate of the School of Economics in Warsaw).

    She is appealed by different parts of Poland; her hobbies include: hiking , phenomenon of intangible and material culture, horticulture and handicrafts.

  • Michał Potoplak

    Managing Partner / EU Funds Director
    Michał Potoplak
    Managing Partner / EU Funds Director
    Specialisation: European Union Funds

    Languages: English, German

    To date he managed to gain nearly 3 billion zlotys from public funds for projects for, among others, Warsaw University, Warsaw University of Technology, The International Conference Centre in Katowice and a number of investment companies. He was the organizer and coordinator of international projects including cooperation with Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Ibbenbueren, Karvina, Prievidza, Velenje and Tourcoing. He is the author of many expert appraisals for, among others, Office of the Committee for European Integration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In DGP he is the managing partner. He is engaged in projects related to raising capital for innovative projects from EU funds, venture capital funds and for so-called "Programy Brukselskie" – funds provided directly by the European Commission. He organizes international conferences concerning civil society development. He is also a member of the National Expert Panel for the development of civil society.

    A graduate of International Relations at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University. A scholarship holder of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

    In free time he enjoys mountain biking, running, reading books. His passion is Italy and everything related to it.

DGP is created by a specialized staff in providing consulting services concerning raising capital for business investment and government entities as well as preparation of analytical studies monitoring socio-economic development. We carry out projects financed from national funds, as well as from so-called “Brussels Programs” – funds provided directly by the European Commission – still used relatively rarely in Poland.


DGP provides a selection of appropriate funding sources taking into account the investment objective, the timetable for its implementation and the maximum amount of the grant.

We create financial engineering taking into account own resources, debt financial instruments, such as bonds / credits, preferential loans, guarantees and bank guarantees as well as forms of equity capital (including venture capital funds and private equity).

DGP carries out an analysis of investment needs.

We determine the size of the company based on the number of employees, examine balance sheet of assets and analyze investment expenses in terms of the possibility of their financing from public funds, alternatively from other funding sources.

DGP team is specialized in preparation of applications.

We include additional analyses depending on the needs of the contest, for example feasibility study and business plan, export strategy, etc. We provide support in obtaining the required attachments, such as reviews of innovation, environmental documents, financial documents, market research, building permits, etc. We conduct financial and economic analyses as well as sensitivity and risk analyses.

In DGP we take over the responsibility for the settlement of grants from the customer. We are engaged in the preparation of applications for payments, monitoring of investments in terms of its compliance with the provisions of the grant agreement and with the law. We provide ongoing checking of correctness of the accounting records. We will help you prepare to follow competitive selection of contractors of tasks implemented under the financed project.

Receiving grants is only the beginning of the use of external funds. A number of requirements and restrictions included in a co-financing agreement can expose companies to numerous risks resulting in the return of grants.
In DGP, we eliminate the risk of client’s breaching agreements co-financed by financing institution through constant monitoring of co-financed investments.


Principles of financial settlements

We use different remuneration models adapted to the specifics of the case and the nature of the relationship with the client and his preferences. We put emphasis on transparency of the arrangements concerning financial matters and provide full information on the costs borne by the customer in connection with the performance of the contract. We try to make sure that the high value of our services falls within the ambit of the reasonable costs borne by the customer.


Determined in advance, the overall amount for the handling of the case or legal consultancy in a project implemented by a customer.

Benefits: the costs of consulting services known in advance, regardless of the time spent by us on the performance of order (a risk of estimating the time of the order falls to DGP). Remuneration may be paid in several installments, including partially as an advance on legal services.


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